Bagru | Dabu Blockprint Cotton Scarves

A collection of two types of centuries old hand block printing styles unique to the western states of India. Hand dyed on 100% cotton.

Both Bagru & Dabu are natural block printing techniques practiced ancestrally by two different communities & are well loved forms of textile craft by the people of India & now globally for their simplistic yet intricate designs that add just the right touch of bohemian elegance to make you look the effortless eclectic Altered Native that you are...

Bagru is a wooden block technique where master craftsmen with years of experience create wash resistant prints through a laborious technique.

Dabu is a technique where a simple paste of everyday ingredients is painstakingly applied by wooden blocks to the fabric before being dyed. Intricate patterns are revealed on the dyed fabric canvas one the paste is thoroughly washed off.

Our collection features a very select range of universal & unique colors from hand mixed dyes and only have one piece in each print

A super summer accessory...singular & stylish