Benarasi Zari Silk Wool Scarves

Bringing you a modern interpretation of the gold thread work craft that has existed from the Vedic times (c. 1500-500 BCE).

From Benaras,  one of the oldest known cities in one of the first five civilizations....the epitome of ‘Zari’ embroidery reached its zenith during the reign of the Mughal Emperor Akbar.

Traditional gold thread weaving of the indigenous Indian weavers melded with the intricate motifs of Persian art to create a unique & sought after rich & luxurious brocade fabric that is in high demand in India till today.

Our oversized scarves are brocade style Silk & Wool blend with intricate, traditional Benarasi style gold thread weave.

A perfect accompaniment to your stylish, cool & festive winter evenings. A fantastic way to dress up the simplest of outfits while keeping you warm & comfortable.

Or a beautiful gift to give to a special lady in your life...she will always smile warmly thinking of you when she wears it...